Artificial Lift
Leak Detection

Cable Protectors


Over-the-coupling cable protector assemblies are available from 1.66" thru 7"

Channel Options

Can be configured for both round and flat ESP cables, SSSVs, chemical injection lines, smart well TEC's and fibre optics.

8 Positive Contact Points for Tubular Assembly

  • All Cable Protectors have galvanised protection
  • All hinge pin seams are spot welded to enhance overall integrity of the assembly
  • Engineered to eliminate compression-induced damages to the ESP conductors
  • Resists slipping and rotation
  • Positive non-destructive gripping action
  • All protectors are built to be reusable
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic and mechanical tools for choice of installation
  • Alternative designs and materials available to order


  • Each clamp has a four-point friction pad gripping system to facilitate make-up to a wide variety of API tubulars
  • Triple progressive contact pads on the channel improve gripping characteristics without compromise to the integrity of the cable
  • Two hinge pin flanges make contact with the tubular

Tapered wedge-lock pin with dimples, when inserted, secures the clamp to the tubular.