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High Strength Rod


Tenaris has a line of high-strength sucker rods offering unparalleled performance in deep and high-flow wells.

Featuring Tenaris’ quality steel and manufacturing processes, and meeting the most demanding requirements for performance and load, our high strength sucker rods come in rod body diameters ranging from ⅝” to 1 1/2 “.

We’ll help you choose the best of these 3 options…

Ultra high strength (UHS) rod

  • Manufactured in AISI 4330 mod.alloy steel with nickel-chrome molybdenum
  • Heat treatment - normalised and tempered.

Recommended for non-corrosive wells with very high loads.

High resistance critical service (MMS-NR)

  • Manufactured in AISI 4138 mod.steel for strength produced from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel without nickel
  • More resistance to sulphide stress cracking than AISI 4330 steel
  • Heat treatment - normalised and tempered.

Recommended for deep well applications with high loads. We recommend using corrosion inhibition with our high resistance critical service rods.

Plus rod

  • Manufactured in AISI 1530 mod.steel
  • Heat treatment - quenched external surface with an untempered core (this external martensitic layer creates a permanent state of compression in the rod’s surface, making it highly resistant to fatigue.

We recommend this rod for deep well applications with high flow effectively inhibited.