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PL5 Centralisers


ToughTorq™ PL5 Spin-Through Coupling
The ToughTorq™ PL5 Spin-Through Coupling† has been specially designed for use with high torque rod applications
such as Weatherford® T66/XD and HD sucker rods and Alberta Oil Tool Drive Rods®††.
Spin-through couplings reduce operating costs of progressing cavity pumped wells. The PL5 centralizer
reduces rod and tubing wear, work over frequency, lifting costs and maintenance. PL5 centralizers are field
replaceable and available with high temperature rotor materials rated to 218 °C.

• High torque capabilites
• Available with abrasion resistant hard coating for severe service conditions
• Slim hole diameter maximizes flow path and protects tubing wall
• Pin by Pin construction
• Proprietary design maximizes contact strength and improves rotor retention
• Proprietary HTSR alloy steel components
• Formed (cold rolled) box and pin threads, not cut, conforming to API 11B
• Full material traceability stamping
• Manufactured to precisely engineered standards in ISO 9001 facility
• Field replaceable standard (104 °C) and high temperature (218 °C) rotors
• Proprietary blend of rotor materials provides maximum lubricity and wear life
• Available with or without coupling(s)