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ToughTorq™ Shear Couplings


ToughTorq™ Shear Couplings Are Ideal For PC Pump Applications In Problem Wells

The ToughTorq™ Shear Coupling† has been specially designed for use with high torque rod applications
such as Weatherford® T66/XD and HD sucker rods and Alberta Oil Tool Drive Rods®††. Shear couplings are used to reliably separate the rod string from the bottom hole assembly when the pump seizes or the rod gets stuck. This prevents the costly and environmentally unfriendly process of pulling tubing and rods out simultaneously.The ToughTorq TM Shear Coupling has an increased resistance to fatigue in horizontal and deviated wells. With the integral ToughTorq TM key, it is ideal for reciprocating and rotating rod applications as well as continuous and conventional sucker rods.

Improved Featurestoughtorq shear coupling

  • Improved internal torque transmitting key design
  • Shorter overall length
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved material toughness specifi cations
  • Improved stress distribution around shear pins
  • Improved surface treatment around high stress areas
  • Ideal for vertical, horizontal, and deviated welds
  • Box by Box construction
  • Available in a case hardened version for the most severe downhole applications